Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Nudist, Naturist, Naktiv or Other?

A Nudist is a social animal who wants to be surrounded by others of like mind, everyone must be naked, no-one should know they are a nudist unless that person is also a member of the private club. Being a nudist means staying within an enclosed "nudist only" space where clothes are forbidden at all times. A nudist must not be seen naked outside of the enclosure, and photography is forbidden too, because no-one who is not a nudist must be able to see the nude nudist, or their image.

The Naturist is an environmentally concerned creature, who wants to be naked in nature. The naturist is not quite so focused on sharing their nakedness with other people, therefore being naked alone is fully acceptable, nature and environment is altogether more prominent in naturist thinking. The naturist is much less concerned with what other people think, and tends to be much more focused on feeling the air and weather directly on their skin, getting close to and experiencing raw nature for it's own sake.

The Naktiv beast is someone for whom freedom of choice is everything. Being naktiv means to incorporate nakedness in your everyday life, wherever and whenever you *choose* to. While this typically includes recreation time, more and more people are integrating their working environment also, whenever possible. When seeing the naked human body is synonymous with breathing, then meeting other naked, or clothed, people becomes a natural event also, and that one might be seen naked, or photographed, is a redundant concern. Thus being naktiv meshes well with protest movemements such as the highly popular World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR), where there is also a strong environmental message. Being naktiv means to value the individual more highly than their clothes, at all times and in all contexts.


What do you think?